So easy, so simple.

 photo DSC_0562-06-bcopy.jpg An outfit that's so easy for everyone to look good in. Formula = striped shirt, leather pants, statement necklace, quality black leather tote and pointed heels. Grab a pair of your favorite sunglasses when you leave the house.

It never goes wrong.
 photo DSC_0574-03-bcopy.jpg

Phuket Part 2: Phi Phi Island

 photo DSC_0093-03-bcopy.jpg The second day we headed off to PP Island by a speedboat for some snorkeling and sunshine. I was truly amazed by the underwater world and the beauty of nature. Very unfortunately, we did not have the chance to pay a visit to Mayo Island, where the famous 'The Beach' was shot, due to the bad weather condition.  photo DSC_0035-03-bcopy-1.jpg

Phuket Part 1 Westin Resort

 photo DSC_0008-03-bcopy.jpg You may have noticed from instagram (id= missaggiekwong) that I have had an relaxing holiday in Phuket and I cannot say enough good things about Westin Resort and Spa. What a nice treat to escape from the city! I have always been taking an aerial view at the beach on the balcony, and I recommend you to get a room with a private pool if you get the chance to visit! 
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