Reflection of a soul

My love for drawing and painting cannot be emphasized enough - way beyond my talent (check: the only one failed in art class dates back to 13), which was precisely why I had been choosing photograpghy to express myself most of the time before I started this blog. Emotions are embodied in different art forms, and despite my kindergarten skills level, they are, indeed, the reflection of a soul.


Encarna said...

Wow! you are really an artist! I wish to draw like you!
I'm followig you, thanks for following me back

Adam said...

I have an appreciation for drawing, yet I lack about every skill or natural talent for art and music as well.

But you draw pretty well, I like the mixture of color underneath the train.

Daniella said...

I adore these drawings!!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

John Marine said...

Since first arriving on and Following "Miss Kwong," I've always admired both your personal style. I began to admire your artwork once you started showcasing your art. Your art talent is wonderful here. I have great respect for all you do, Miss Kwong. Keep up the great work!


Joanna S. said...

these are soo beautiful :)
you've got big talent :)

Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

these are beautiful!!!


ftashion said...

I'm no art person, but I really love these paintings by you! They are unlike what I have seen before and they show so much of your personal style.

Fang Ting

Carla McCarthy said...

OMg! What a beautiful draws you did!! So talenetd!!

marama said...


mochaccinoland said...

i think u draw really well. love the colours used on the 2nd drawing.


ATACADAS said...

wow!! great ilustrations!!

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