Review: Dior Colour Designer All-in-one Makeup Palette

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I received it as a gift and I was overwhelmed by its luxurious packaging. It contains everything I need for a simple makeup look, and it works as my 'ready-to-go' palette when I go travelling. Now I think about it, it can be an elegant gift for a girl friend or mummy.

For such a comprehensive palette, it provides:
1/ Concealer 10 Beige Clair
2/ Diorskin Nude Compact SPA 10 PA ++
3/ Dior Blush 830 Rose Dragee
4/ Eye shadows   852, 501, 689, 836, 959
5/ Diorshow Extase Mascara 090 Noir Extase
6/ Lip Maximizer and 2 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss (270, 680)
7/ A Mini Sponge
8/ Double Ended Applicator for Eye shadow
9/ Blush Brush
10/ Crayon eyeliner 090 Noir
11/ Crayon eyebrow pencil 453 Sable

To sum up, it is quite convenient to have a pack like this, but it's nothing close to professional makeup. If you want a bit of more coverage, a more pigmented blush colour, less frosty eye colors, dramatic eyelashes and strong eye line, it fails to help you achieve them. Most of the colours are not pigmented and the powder is a bit dry and loose, which has a tendency to fall all over the case and my lids. The mascara achieves a light natural outcome and the lip colours are sheen and glossy. If a natural day look is what you opt for, it is a great treat. The colours also work best on lighter skin tones (I'm a MAC 25) and they are believed to be too ashy for darker tones.

It lights up my face naturally, but I won't expect it to be able to completely sculpt my face, or to help me switch to a glamorous night look.
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The brushes are mini and I am not used to using tiny tools. They come handy if I'm on a trip and the palette save lots of space. I need a eye primer (usually my MAC paint pot), a liquid foundation, a black gel eyeliner (because pencils don't last on my lids), a bronzer (NARS Laguna) and a highlighter (my Dior Rose Diamond) and I can go. For lazy days, these can be skipped.
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Pigmentation: 2.5/5 overall they are all sheer and very natural, and the powder of the eye shadows is a bit loose.
Function: 4/5 The palette comes handy and is great for travelling. For a full makeup look, everything is almost there apart from a highlighter, bronzer and eye primer.
Application: 4/5 all tools are there but they cannot apply accurately
Packaging: 5/5 it consists of 2 decks, very luxurious with a velvet case
Price: 3.5/5 It costs about 60 in duty-free which is acceptable for a high-end brand product
Overall: 3.8/5



Janine said...

Great review, it's a shame it doesn't perform as well as it looks though.

Janine xx
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Patty Mira said...

love this! really great post!


kesa said...

Very nice! So soft and natural :)

♥ vendy ♥ said...

uuuuuuhhhh...amazing and romantic palette...
kiss and happy day

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alison*elle said...

These are totally the types of palettes I hoard but rarely use. This one looks great for a natural day look!

xo, alison*elle

Bianca said...

such a great product.


Audrey and Pearl said...

We love your blog! Thanks for your like on fb:). We followed you also blogger, follow us back there, if you want.
We like your beautiful smile♥. Very nice post with sweet make-up.

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice!! I love it!!! So cool!!

La Saloperie said...

That's such a lovely gift! And that shade of pink really looks great on your skin - beautiful!


Fash Era said...

totally love the colors girl! thanks for following..followe du back on GFC and FB!
new post is up about my hairstyle :D

JoanneP @ The Convenient Beauty said...

This palette is really pretty!! I usually dislike this type of all in one because the color theme tends to be too soft and repetitive and the texture seems drier. But I love everything about this palette. And you look gorgeous as always!

Visceral Maze said...

I agree with you. dior compact palettes tend to have really sheer coverage. you look amazing with the makeup though.



Andini Ria said...

It looks really pretty on you, love what you did with the eyeshadow colours <3


Sana Sadiq said...

Its looking so chic but price is a bit OFF for me espcially when theres almost no pigmentation!!! Thanks for sharing xx


Federica said...

wow nice photos!!:) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want!!:)

anaBleng said...

Thanks for following dear! I am following you too! Nice make up and skin, you have a nice blog ;)



Levande said...

Nice blog. I follow you now. Follow you back? Xoxo

João Elias said...

hey! i'm following you now with bloglovin and GFC! :)
Can you follow me back, please?


shortylegsbeauty said...

Really pretty and practical but Im not seeing myself buying this cause I don´t want to spend that much money on makeup :) I love high-end brands but I buy them on sale :)

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