Phuket Part 2: Phi Phi Island

 photo DSC_0093-03-bcopy.jpg The second day we headed off to PP Island by a speedboat for some snorkeling and sunshine. I was truly amazed by the underwater world and the beauty of nature. Very unfortunately, we did not have the chance to pay a visit to Mayo Island, where the famous 'The Beach' was shot, due to the bad weather condition.  photo DSC_0035-03-bcopy-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0041-02-bcopy-1.jpg
I dreamed of having a boat which I can park here at a private pier. The resorts around the pier look incredible as well.
 photo DSC_0039-02-bcopy-1.jpg photo DSC_0069-02-bcopy.jpg
 photo DSC_0157-03-bcopy.jpg photo DSC_0071-02-bcopy.jpg Here we were, at the Viking caves where we swam and Laem Tong Beach where we had lunch.
dress: RCFJ 
bag: Mulberry oversized patent 'Alexa' in Oak (Black leather here)
flip flops: Adidas 
sunglasses: Chanel 
scarf: unbranded from a HK shop
 photo DSC_0168-02-bcopy.jpg  photo DSC_0106-03-bcopy.jpg  photo DSC_0100-02-bcopy.jpg


Stephanie Timmins said...

Fabulous pictures of PHI PHI and chic tan bag!..I too have been to all the islands there and enjoyed snorkelling..sad you missed Maya bay!
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Bianca said...

beautiful! xoxo


Daniella said...

This island looks like an incredible place to be! Lovely photos sweetie, loving your bag :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Jen27 said...

Wow, look at that beautiful water! Such a stunning area of the world. You look lovely as well :)



Grace said...

These pictures are stunning and that dress looks fabulous on you!

Have a great day!
A Southern Drawl

Caroline Novotny said...

beautiful pictures!
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I follow you!

kisses Caroline
my Blog: Salsa Bella

FromMyPerspectiveFashionBlog said...

Amazing photos Aggie! Love you light blue dress! :]

♥ vendy ♥ said...

fabolous place dear
happy day

The simple life of rich people BLOG

Suzie Q said...

Aww I miss Thailand and PP Island. Beautiful photos! Love your bag!

Suzie Q

Vita said...

I love the dress, especially the collar!

Cassandra Too said...

Ahhh sound so much fun!
I love the color of your dress too! :D

Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

cassandra xx

Calais Wu said...

wooow i love Phuket <3
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The Simply Kelly said...

beautiful pictures !!!! miss phuket and the foods there

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