The art of seclusion


 photo 2016_03_14_21_36_38_mr1458178221511.jpg  photo 2016-03-19 12.51.16 1.jpg Despite a world which equates solitude to antisocial tendencies, i believe spending some time once in a while is healthy at some point. It helps reboot and unwind my mind. 😸  photo 2016-03-19 12.51.11 1.jpg  photo 2016-03-19 12.51.10 1.jpg 很喜歡跟大伙兒互動,但間中獨處時間也不賴啊😛😛下班早了去了吃一個人的羊架~  photo 2016-03-19 12.51.14 1.jpg  photo 2016_03_15_19_54_40_mr1458178245271_mh1458178274524.jpg  photo 2016-03-19 12.51.12 1.jpg  photo 2016-03-19 12.51.15 1.jpg
👚Outfit of the day
✔Coat: So Soul
✔Boots: Le Saunda
✔Sunglasses: Burberry photo 2016-03-19 12.51.09 1.jpg photo 2016-03-19 12.51.13 1.jpg 🍴Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill
➡Shop 28, LG2, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

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