Cherry blossom pink


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After 3 days with solely vegetarian meals last week, I had a serious meat craving.

三天沒得吃肉,身體的吃肉癮就出來了!據說第三天是最強的,再過一陣子就好了,一切都要適應和習慣。 我忍不住就點到滿桌都是肉!往後要少吃一點咯~大家要注意多菜少肉啊❤❤
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I even suspected I had iron deficiency when I had the urge to order everything available!

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 photo 2016-04-23 11.20.24 1.jpg photo 2016-04-23 11.20.25 1.jpg

從前我當過半年素食者,經歷往後有機會分享☺ 周末愉快

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👗Outfit of the day
這種櫻花粉紅不會太甜美太嫩,帶點女人味,什麼年紀也適合~成熟端莊一點的感覺。今個春夏我衣櫥都是煙粉紅喔♡ 半裙的下擺是鉤花的,營造喱士的感覺,喜歡Lady look 的妳會經常穿到~
This cherry blossom pink top is perfect for my next summer soiree. I also inject some tasteful texture with a ladylike lace skirt. You may even toughen up the staple with a leather jacket in fall for an edgier look! ♡
✔Top: Sugar
✔Skirt: Sugar
✔Shoes: Le Saunda photo 2016-04-23 11.20.25 2.jpg 🍴 Outback Steakhouse​ 
➡ 2/F, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
➡ 銅鑼灣百德新街22號珠城大廈名珠城2樓

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  1. This is just lovely food . So much foodgasm .
    Love ur pink outfit too .
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

    1. Love food too much! thanks sweetie :)

  2. Lovely !



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