Drop in for a smoky burger


 photo 2016_04_21_22_12_32_mr1461252225155.jpg  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.14 1.jpg I drop in for a ground and griddled burger and select a few more dishes from a menu of fresh specialties.  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.15 1.jpg 知道汕頭街開了很多新餐廳,我們去了那邊探索一下~誤打誤撞到了這家咖啡店坐
(比哥內心OS:根本妳每天都在咖啡店坐😑😑)  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.12 1.jpg  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.16 2.jpg  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.17 1.jpg 每個菜都很有店的特色,漢堡肉嫩多汁,而且可自由組合材料喲♡
甜品端上來一定會令你會心微笑~那個卡通的巧克力醬拉得太可愛了 !  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.18 2.jpg  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.16 1.jpgMake sure you order a walnut chocolate cake if you take a liking to end the day with a rich and buttery dessert! 💕  photo goMeihuaTemp_mh1461247882307_mr1461288640271.jpg
👚Outfit of the day
✔Jacket: Chloe Everett
✔Dress: Intique
✔Shoes: Le Saunda  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.18 1.jpg  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.13 1.jpg  photo 2016-04-21 10.47.15 1.jpg 🍴Veygo Coffee
➡Yee Hor building, no. 24 Swatow Street, Wanchai

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  1. Love your super cute look!
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    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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    1. thanks dearie :) Have a good weekend!


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