Mimi Thorisson the Chatelaine


 photo 01327b0b4c2a926e7c72cb08751ba25e.jpg
Simply find this Chatelaine too beautiful not to share with all of you.  photo mimiendives-710x536.jpg  photo mimi-children-medoc-france.jpg 從未見過這樣優雅有氣質的農婦,她在香港出生耶!Mimi Thorisson 是中法混血兒,本是城市人,現住在法國梅多克的鄉郊~

好想這樣過生活啊。她和食物照片很有風味,美哭了!(考慮住進八鄉)我快翻遍人家整個部落格了 嘿嘿😹

   photo f69252a15701d8b8d09f6d3b26511d7c.jpg photo kale2-710x536.jpg  photo flowersandwine-710x536.jpg Originally a city dweller born in Hong Kong, Mimi Thorisson moved to the countryside in Médoc, Bordeaux to live in a farmhouse with her dogs and children, making wonderful seasonal foods. Sounds like a real-life fable!
(Plus she kind of looks like Peony Lim, no?)
 photo d5842dd39f3ef1e87f338ff5cccbe959.jpg  photo 808e3e97eb9bd537c282ef2cd8f905db.jpg
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